Top Proxy sites List: Top 10 Free Proxy Servers [Latest]

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We often find errors while surfing the web like, the website is not available. Proxy sites and servers become in to fix these types of errors. Often you see slow proxy sites. We are sharing the best proxy sites of 2018. Proxy site server allows you to use your bandwidth more efficiently. It allows all the clients on the same link to the external network. You must check the proxy sites list for the same.

Proxy sites list

Proxy Sites List

A simple illustration could be that at times when we are surfing a site and we get an error that the website is not available. Such errors come usually when the website is blocked. To get rid of this situation and use your favorite websites all you need to do is use a surf proxy and break through all the firewalls and securities that have blocked your interface with this website.

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What is a Proxy site or server and how it exactly works?

In layman language, proxy servers act as a middleman between the end user and the website. It is exactly when some of the users don’t have rights to access any particular website, at that time proxy server comes to the rescue.  In simple terms, if you wish to access any free movie download site and it is simply blocked you can reach the site by simply using a bypass proxy online. So, here you are not directly visible to the website but proxy server is visible on your behalf and returns with a corresponding web page.

Types of Proxies

  1. Tunneling Proxy: this proxysite is like a gateway proxy which simply passes the request and responses as it is.
  2. Forward Proxy: it is an Internet-facing proxy which can be used to retrieve data from a wide variety of resources.
  3. Reverse Proxy: It is an internet facing proxy browser which uses a front end which in turn controls and protects access to a private network server. It performs tasks such as load balancing, authentication, decryption, and catching.

There are 3 additional HTTP types of proxies to a server.

  1. Fully anonymous proxies: These proxies do not change the request fields and look fully anonymous to the administrative guys. You can use a random proxy site to get through. This looks exactly like a real browser or a real user. In this type, your IP is hidden for obvious reasons.
  2. Anonymous proxies: They do not reveal your IP for a due course of a session. But they certainly change the request fields. This type of proxy is easily detectable.
  3. Transparent proxies: These are not anonymous rather transparent. Unlike another proxy server, these ones are simply HTTP requests. Initially, they hide your IP but in the meantime, they share the actual IP address and also change the request fields. These types of proxies are not meant for the purpose of security. They are mainly used to increase the speed of the internet.

Proxysite: Benefits

  1. It helps to maintain privacy.
  2. It helps to open blocked websites.
  3. They are generally help in accessing the cache web pages from web servers.
  4. A proxy server increases security and performance.

Free Proxy List

Following is the free proxy list of recently updated best websites of 2018. These are all fresh unblocked proxy sites:

Serial Number Site Name Link
1. Vtunnel
2. Just unblock it
3. US Proxy server
4. Don filter us
5. Web Proxy server
6. Rexoss
7. World Cup Proxy
8. England Proxy
9. Anonymizer
10. Extreme Proxy

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How to use this free Proxy server Sites?

Check the proxy sites list. Click on any of the proxy site URL, you will get a Pop-up. Just enter site URL you want to visit and Click on Go. You are already using the site.

The Bottom Line

Always remember that proxy sites are only meant for using sites which might are blocked on your IP address or firewall is restricting them. So using these fast proxy sites can help you surf your favorite websites like YouTube without any problem. You can easily search a list of unblocked proxy sites or proxy site list for YouTube.

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