Cool Notepad Tricks, Tips, and Hacks For Your Computer

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Do you remember one of the first things that you learned to use on your Computer? Yes, the very first application we came across on our system is Notepad. We have always known the notepad as a simple editor. But do you know it has much more power than you can actually think? Yes, the simple line of codes written on it can help you in both creating and solving problems.  You can even write notepad games codes. Here, the article focuses on Notepad tricks that are easy to use.

Notepad Tricks

Notepad Tricks

Notepad is one of the pre-installed editors on the Operating system. Whether you use Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Ubuntu the editor is installed in each one of them. You might not know but you can even destroy someone’s PC using the notepad. Learning these cool notepad tricks is going to completely change your perspective towards the editor. All notepad tricks are mentioned in detail so that you can use them easily.

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Notepad Tricks and Tips to Open the Editor Continuously

You can use the following set of code to open the notepad continuously on your friend’s computer

@ECHO off



GOTO top

Now save the file as open.bat and send it to your friend.

Create Diary using Notepad

This is one of the best notepad tricks for those who like to maintain a diary for daily purpose. When you use this trick the notepad creates a log for you. Whenever you open the file notepad automatically adds day and time to the file. So make a log record and save the same.

Best notepad tricks

  • First, you will have to open the notepad.
  • Now type “.LOG” anywhere on the editor.
  • Save the file as Log.txt.
  • Your diary is created. Notepad will automatically add the Data and Timestamp to the file.

Notepad Tricks and Hacks to Make your Keyboard’s LED Dance

By LED we mean the Scroll lock, Num lock, and Caps lock keys lights. Using these funny computer commands you can have fun.

Set wshShell=wscript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)


wscript.sleep 100





Now, save the file as keyboard.vbs or any other name with the same extension. Whenever you will click on this file the LED light will dance.

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Notepad Hacks: Convert Text to Speech

Using notepad you can even create the converter. You just need to type the text and the system will convert it to speech. Just type the text given below:

Cool notepad tricks

Dim message, sapi

message=InputBox(“What do you want to hear?”,”Talk to Me”)

Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)

sapi.Speak message

You will have to save the file with “.vbs” extension. The dialog box will have a text field on which you can type whatever you wish to hear.

Notepad Shutdown Code

Some people find it tedious to click on the start button and then move to the shutdown option. Do you want notepad tips to shut down your Computer in a single click? Yes, you can do this by using this shortcode.

@echo off

*Shutdown computer

Shutdown –c “Go to Sleep” –s

Now save the file as the shutdown.bat extension. Just open the file to shut down your system automatically.

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