Manual Camera Apk Download V3.7.2 for Android, iPhone, PC

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Looking for a camera that functions manually? Do you want additional features on your mobile? The Manual Camera Apk is an amazing third-party app that gives you benefits of a camera with some additional benefits. You can also check Manual Camera Apk Download for more information. Go through the complete article to get more details.

Manual Camera Apk

What is Manual Camera Apk?

Manual Camera App takes full advantage of your device. The picture quality of the images is amazing. Manual Camera is world’s first app developed for Android devices. You have full control of your device and manually change different camera settings.

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App Name Manual Camera Apk
Latest Version V3.7.2
Size of the File 1 MB
Category Photography
Minimum Requirements Android 5.0
Application Package Pl.vipek.camera2
Purpose To capture photos with high-definition quality

Why should you opt for Manual Camera App?

Cameras on your phones are good. But they have automated settings for a lot of functions. You can control everything on your own. But if you want to capture the best photo you will have to use the Manual Camera Apk. All the phones do not offer good interface. Buying a new smartphone for good quality camera will charge you a lot. So just download the app and have an experience of a lifetime with photography.

Manual Camera Apk Functions

  1. Shutter Speed: The shutter speed is the time for which the digital sensor of the camera is exposed to light. The shutter speed or exposure time manages the shutter speed for a better quality of a picture.
  2. ISO: It controls the brightness of your photos. Measures the sensitivity of the image sensor of your camera. According to the light, change the ISO settings.
  3. White Balance: This function is the most important one. Removes unrealistic colors from your image. For example- You want to click the picture of a white object. The object should appear same as it appears in reality. The color should not change. Manage the white balance manually for best results.
  4. Focus Distance: The camera the focus distance is set based on the distance of the object. The focus distance is basically the distance at which a lens can focus.
  5. Exposure compensation: The function is useful in making your pictures darker or lighter. Take benefit of this feature for best results.

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Manual Camera Features

  1. DNG Format: After clicking image, you even need to transfer them to different devices. Moreover, the images are stored in highly compatible format. Thus, you can transfer them easily.
  2. Geotagging: The app embeds the images you capture with location. Thus, manage the images according to the location. Turn on GPS settings on your device for using the feature.
  3. Timer: Set timing for clicking a picture. Click your own picture by setting a specific time. The timer feature gives you time to pose and capture the best photograph.
  4. Gridlines: Lines divide the image into different sections. Important elements are placed along the gridlines or intersection. so that clicks are amazing.

Manual Camera Apk Download for Android

Manual Camera Apk Download

The download procedure for Manual Camera Apk is very easy to implement:

  1. First, the most important thing that needs to enable is “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Second, look for settings menu on your device.
  3. Now, Open the Settings menu and click on security option.
  4. Scroll down and enable the Unknown Sources option.
  5. Open Google Play Store and search for Manual Camera Apk.
  6. Download the Manual Camera app for Android and start clicking amazing pictures.

Manual Camera for iOS (iPhone/iPad) & PC

The Manual Camera Apk is now not available for iOS and PC users. You can visit the official website for more information.You can search for similar apps that provide these features.

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