How to use Nomao Camera on Android, iOS (iPhone/ iPad)

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The default cameras in our device miss a lot of features. You have to download an alternative camera to access advanced features related to the camera. But how many camera apps have the ability to show you what your normal eyes can’t? The functionalities of the app are not limited to clicking pictures and recording videos. The Nomao camera app is one such app with X-ray features. Scroll down and learn How to use Nomao Camera. Also, check Nomao Camera App for Android and Nomao Camera App for iPhone.

How to use Nomao Camera

How to use Nomao Camera?

The Nomao Camera Apk is designed in such a way that you can view hidden objects. The app basically changes the way camera operates and manipulates the code. Thus, you can add an alternative camera to your device free of cost. The camera application can be used in smartphones. The user-interface of the application is excellent. The technology used by the developers is different and rare. For example- You are at a public place. You have doubt on someone that he or she is carrying something dangerous. Just switch on the Nomao Camera and you will be able to see the hidden object. If you are looking for an alternative to Nomao Camera app then also check Candy Camera Apk.

Name of the App Nomao Minimalistic Camera
New Version Released V5.2
Last Date of Update 24-01-18
Developed By Ritudy
Requirements Android 4.4 and more
File Size 1.04MB
Purpose To capture hidden objects

How Nomao Camera works

If you are searching for a method on ‘How to use Nomao Camera’.The use of Nomao Camera is based on a scientific theory. The theory states that we can see certain hidden objects in a specific wavelength of light. So the X-ray feature manipulates the camera. Just switch on the Nomao Camera to view hidden objects. Click on Nomao Camera Download to download the app. You can also check similar apps that provide these functions like Google Camera Apk.

Features of Nomao Camera

  • Images: The Application captures images. You can click photos with visibility of hidden objects.
  • Video Recording: The camera records videos. Thus, you can record videos to have a better view of multiple objects.
  • Flash: You can on and off the flash of the camera. In case, you do not want the person to know that you are clicking the picture you can turn off the flash. If you are unable to view the object clearly you can switch on the flash.
  • X-Ray: See through the clothes of a person.
  • Magical Feature: Click pictures without letting that person know.
  • Image and Video Quality: The images and videos captured by the app are of HD quality.
  • Focus: Sometimes the objects are not visible clearly. Tap on the screen of the camera to focus on the object or person.
  • Editing: The editing feature of Nomao allows you to edit images. You can add different themes the images.
  • Bugs Fixes: There were certain bugs that used to arise in the older version. Now, the bugs are fixed. You can use the features of Nomao App bug-free.

Nomao Camera for Android

Permissions Required by the Nomao Camera

  1. Requires access to the flashlight.
  2. Access Network Information.
  3. Device camera access.
  4. Read-Only and write access and to the external storage of the device.
  5. Wi-Fi Network access.

How to use Nomao Camera: Steps

You can use the Nomao Camera easily:

  • Open the Nomao Apk application on your device.
  • Activate the X-Ray Feature: Shake your device twice.
  • Move the camera to locate the object you want to capture.
  • Tap on the screen to focus on the object or person.
  • Click and shake again twice to de-activate the X-Ray feature.

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