How to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone(5, 6, 7, 7 Plus, 8, X)?

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Do you want to send photos and videos from Mac to iPhone? Want to send content without affecting its quality? AirDrop is the quickest way to send or receive data between iOS devices. Here, steps on How to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone are given. The process of sending the documents, images, and other data from AirDrop Mac to iPhone is quite easy. If you want high-speed transfer from Mac to iPhone then you have to use the AirDrop option.

Tun on AirDrop

How to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone?

Apple’s AirDrop is a file-sharing feature. The feature marked its debut with the release of OSX Lion. You can share files using Whatsapp, E-mail, or other ways too.  The quality of the files changes while sending on these mediums. AirDrop transfers the files from Mac to iPhone quickly. For sending the files, the device needs to be in close proximity to the other device. You should always turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that you can use AirDrop feature.

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AirDrop from Mac to iPhone

You need to check that whether your device supports AirDrop or not:

  • For Mac users, choose Go option from the menu bar. A list of the menu item will appear. If the list has AirDrop option then your device supports the function.
  • For iPhone users, swipe up to open the Control center. If your device supports AirDrop then it will appear just above the bottom menus. This way you will learn how to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone.

Turn on AirDrop

Turn on AirDrop Mac

  1. First, from the menu bar in the Finder, choose Go.
  2. You will see an AirDrop Window.

How to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone

  1. Now, turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi by clicking on the on the button.
  2. Once the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on, the AirDrop Mac will automatically turn on.
  3. If you want to receive files from everyone, change the settings at the bottom of the window. Choose “Allow me to be discovered by” option.

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Turn on AirDrop iPhone

  1. First, unlock your iPhone.

Turn on AirDrop iPhone

  1. Second, swipe up from the bottom. You will see Control center.
  2. Now, tap on AirDrop iPhone. Select whether you want to receive files from everyone or contacts.

AirDrop iPhone

AirDrop from Mac to iPhone

To send items to follow these steps:

  1. From the menu bar choose to go and click on AirDrop.
  2. The AirDrop windows will show the list of nearby AirDrop users.
  3. Drag items you wish to share with the recipient’s image.

Turn on AirDrop Mac

  1. Click on the send button.

If you want to use share feature then follow these steps:

  1. Drag the items you want to share.
  2. Click on the Share option.
  3. Sharing list has many sharing options.
  4. Choose AirDrop and select a recipient. Click on the done button.

AirDrop to iPhone: Receive items

  • Sign-in to your iCloud account before receiving the items.
  • Once you sign-in, the iPhone will automatically accept the items. If you won’t sign-in a pop-up with the request to accept the items will open.
  • Once, you accept the items they are automatically saved. The items will appear in the category they belong to. For example- Songs will appear in the Music App. Now, you might have understood “How to AirDrop from Mac to iPhone”.

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