6 Games like Stardew Valley That You Must Play (Android/iOS)

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Stardew Valley is a fun game to play that involves farming. You will learn how to become an expert farmer by playing this game. But if you have played this game for hundreds of hours then you might be bored. You must look for some alternatives that will provide you with similar or better gaming experience. It’s always good to switch to a new game that raises your excitement level. We have listed some of the games like Stardew Valley that you would love to play.

Games like stardew valley

Games like Stardew Valley

Here, we have a list of games similar to Stardew Valley. You must play them at least once to experience their interesting features.

My Time at Portia

Games like stardew valley android

In the beginning, it will take time for you to understand the game completely. With time you will understand that the game is delightful and highly rewarding. You will become part of the Portia community whether you do farming or crafting. For building things for your workshop and the town you must add your friends so that you have the continuous supply of resources. This is also one of the best farming games android devices have.

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World’s dawn

best farming games android

World’s dawn game involves multiple activities for the player. There are various advanced features in the game and you can explore a lot more with 32 different townsfolk. The game has everything that you would expect from a life simulation game. Due to the constant interaction that goes on while playing the game, it offers an interactive way to play the game. Its developer and publisher is Wayward Prophet.

Recettear-An Item Shop Tale

best farming games pc

Recettear is the first Japanese Indie game that was released in 2010. Although it is an old game its functionalities make it one of the tough competitors for games like Stardew. It is the story of the partnership between Recette and Tear for an item shop. Instead of farming the focus is on the retail store. You will have a tough time managing the store as everything needs to manage in time.

Rim World

Apps like stardew valley

Rim World is the best farming games PC. This is a sci-fi game that involves three survivors from a crashed space. The game is all about building a new colony around the rim of known space. Each time you will play the game a new world will be generated. You can build colonies in the jungle, desert, and more. You will have to manage the colonists using the skills and traits.

Castaway Paradise

games similar to stardew valley

If you are looking for games like Stardew valley Android then this will serve you right. Castaway Paradise has a lot of great themes with amazing graphics. The basic idea of the game is to stay on the tropical island and start experiencing the adventures of living at this place. You will have to do farming and decorate the place for yourself to live in. For helping the different villagers you will receive cool rewards. These types of apps like Stardew valley are the perfect combination of farming, RPG, and sandbox game.

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Voodoo Garden

Stardew alternatives

Voodoo Garden is a simplified version of Stardew Valley. You will be given tasks to build your own garden and harvest different ingredients that you will use in voodoo potions. You can fatten up animals like rabbits. Once they are big enough you can sacrifice them to help tend your garden. You can also try Starbound and Pocket harvest they are amazing too.

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