5 Best TV Shows on Netflix Right Now [Latest Update]

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Movies offer entertainment for a limited period of time. So we need something that goes on for a long time without much boredom. That is what the TV shows do. They keep you entertained by their interesting storytelling feature that makes us curious about the next episode. From movies, there is a large shift towards the TV shows. So here we have listed the best TV shows on Netflix that you just cannot miss. Some of them are the best TV series of all time.

Best TV shows on Netflix

Best TV shows on Netflix

Netflix is a treasure of some of the most popular TV shows. If you are looking for an entertainment source that is not limited to 2 or 3 hours then these are best for you. Netflix TV shows list is never-ending. By watching these shows you can keep yourself for a long period of time. It could be for days or weeks. You won’t have to hunt for the right title as the list includes best TV shows on Netflix right now.

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The Returned

This is a supernatural thriller show. The story is based on a town that is experiencing odd occurrences with the deceased. They keep coming back to life as if nothing happened to them. The car crash victims start reappearing unharmed.  The people around them try to find out what’s exactly going on. This isn’t a typical zombie story that makes it interesting to watch.

Better Call Saul

If you like watching crime drama series then you are definitely going to like this one. It has a sequel too with title “Breaking Bad”. The series stars Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman. The story revolves around his transformation from an Ex-con artist into a morally challenged criminal lawyer. This series has received prominent nominations and awards. It is one of those good shows to watch during the long weekends.


The title might sound like a horror or ghost story but it isn’t. The tale is about a lawyer who is blind. Although he is blind still he turns out to be a fighter to get rid of the culprits. Matt Murdock is the character name of a daredevil.  We are sure you will not find a better show than this on the Netflix TV shows full list. And yes wherever it is necessary the show doesn’t back out in showing the scenes of violence.

The Fall

If you like suspense related stories then “The Fall” is a must watch. Here, the killer i.e. Paul Spector is a therapist who tries to maintain his professional and personal lives while hunting women. The audience will be hooked up to their screen in trying to find out who the real killer is. It is interesting to watch how the detective gets his hands on the murderer.

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This is one of those fun shows to watch on Netflix. The central character i.e. Dylan is diagnosed with Chlamydia. He needs to inform all his former lovers about the same. The show focuses on Dylan’s past so you will be able to see a lot of flashbacks. It is a complete balance of drama and comedy. Other than this you can also check the best Netflix original series to keep yourself engaged.

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