5 Best Paid Android Apps All Time That Are Worth Trying

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On Google Play store you will find both free and paid applications. Now, considering the fact that an application is available free of cost we tend to download it. Does a free app actually mean the best? This is certainly not true for all the free applications. You will have to spend some amount of money to get the most from the Android apps. So we have a list that will help you find the best paid Android apps easily.

Best paid Android apps

Best Paid Android Apps

Google’s Play store has many applications that will help you do more with your Android device. It is filled with some really great applications. Google has simplified the process of buying an app to a large extent. You can buy Google Play gift card offline from their retail stores so that it’s easy for to purchase them. Android users can even purchase them online. In the store, you will find the most expensive Android apps but we have not listed them here.

Office Suite 8

Best android app all time

The office has taken over the place of those hand-written formats of work. From personal to professional work front you need the Office at the various point of time. Its need for today makes it one of the best Android productivity apps. This is a fully featured Office suite that every Android user is going to love. It has an elegant design and provides advanced desktop-like functionality to the user. You need to pay S14.99 for the pro Office suite version.

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Solid Explorer

Top Paid Android Apps

With large storage space available on the Android phones, we tend to keep a lot of data. This includes games, songs, files, photos, and more. Now, to manage this data in the most efficient way we need an application. Solid Explorer is the best paid Android apps all time. It has two-pane interfaces that facilitate easy copy and delete operations. It has built-in support for archived files like RAR and ZIP. You can opt for the free trial version before paying for its pro version that costs $1.99.


best paid android apps 2017

Tasker is one of those top paid Android apps that every user must have. It can perform the tasks quickly. It can trigger timer, widget, event, shortcut, location, day, and time. By paying an amount of $2.99 you can make it perform the automated tasks wherever you choose. You can even design your own screen overlays using this application. This has been on the list of best-paid android apps 2017 and is still appreciated by the users.

Weather Timeline

best android productivity apps

If you are looking for something minimalistic then this app is going to work perfectly for you. You won’t have to watch the ads to view the forecast. It displays a location-based forecast that consists of the extreme weather alerts too. You can save the locations to view its daily forecast with temperature and precipitation details. On mobile phones, you can view the details in a clean timeline presentation. On tablets, additional information is displayed on the side of the timeline. You can download it by paying $1.49. At such reasonable price, it is counted as the best paid Android apps all time.

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best paid android apps 2018

Selfies and photos sharing has become the trend of today. People like to upload their daily activities in the form of pictures. You cannot look good every day so the Facetune app is going to help you achieve the same. It’s editing tools help you fix the photos and remove blemishes. You can even change your skin tone, change the way your eyes look, and enhance your smile. Be magazine ready with this app at a price of $5.99. Thus, making it one of the best paid Android apps 2018.

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