5 Best Farming Games for Android Phones Offline Free

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When it comes to playing games in Android mobiles, farming is one of the best one. Do you remember the time when candy crush was introduced? People were addicted to it. Soon after its popularity, new android games were introduced. Farming games were one of those that fairly competed with it. Here you can choose the best farming games for Android devices. You can also play farm games for android without internet.

Best Farming Games for Android

Best Farming Games for Android

These games are fun to play and act as stress busters. With these games, you can get the whole farming experience that too virtually. Every day thousands of apps are released in the market. When it comes to selecting a game the process is actually very confusing. First, you have to download and play the game. If you do not like the game you will have to uninstall and reinstall the other one. So instead of an exciting gaming experience, you will get irritated trying different games. So we have some of the amazing farming games for android.

Farm Frenzy INC

Farm Frenzy is one of the best farm games offline. With two hundred million players the game is a fun farming game. You will be fully engaged in the game as it involves testing your time management skills. It offers a lot of features that make the game an interesting one to play. There are a bunch of levels that require you to collect trade, harvest, and products. The main plot of the game involves a struggle between vicious chemical corporations and natural farming.

Best Farming Games Online

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Farmville: Tropic Escape

Are you looking for best farming games online? Are you bored of those countryside games and want something exotic? Farmville: Tropic Escape is just the one for you. Here the users will have to act as managers. The gaming involves trading with a neighbor island, completing quests, and farming exotic fruits. As you continue clearing different levels you will be able to unmask secret treasures. It’s a fun game so it has to be included as best farming games for Android.

Best Farm Games Offline

Green Farm 3

Do you want farm games free download for android mobile? Green Farm 3 is one of those farming games for Android that are available free. The plot of the game involves revamping and looking after a farm acquired from an old estate. Unlike other games that involve buying stuff from the store, this game encourages more work.

Farming Games for Android

Fairy Farm

Fairy farm is one of those farm games for android that have a fantasy look. The game is full of taming dragons, mystical plants, and unicorns. The game is quite popular among the younger girls. With detailed instruction on how to play, you can easily play the game. Players will come across 400 different animals including the mythical ones. To build the farm and create magic potions you will get access to over 150 floral species. This is one of the farming games for android offline.

Farm Games for Android

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Township is another farm games android that offers much more than farming. The game involves farming but along with that you have built a town too. You won’t have to build the town from the scratch. There will be certain pre-built structures so that it’s easy for you to play the game. You just have to better or improve what’s already present. You can create a town of your choice by constructing various buildings and decorate them.  Another fun part is that you can grow crops and then process them at your factory.

Farm Games for Android without internet

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