5 Best Camera Apps for iPhone in 2018

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Everyone has a camera on their mobile phone. But the pre-installed camera doesn’t have advanced features. There are a lot of camera apps available on the market. We have listed the Best camera apps for iPhone. Go through the complete article to select the best one for you.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone

Nomao Camera Apk

Best camera apps for iphone


The Camera app helps in viewing hidden objects. The main features of Nomao Camera are listed below:

  • X-Ray Feature: If a person is standing in front of you, you can see through his or her clothes.
  • Edit: Different themes for editing are available. Select the images and add themes to them.
  • Magical: The people around you won’t know that you are clicking a picture.
  • HD-Quality: You can capture videos and photos of high quality. The clarity of the camera is amazing.

Google Camera Apk

Google Camera Apk

The Best Camera apps for iPhone has Google Camera too. Google Camera app apk was developed by Google. The features of the app are:

  • Slow motion support: Capture slow motion videos. See action of people at every moment with the app.
  • Photo-Sphere: Create 360-degree panorama view with this feature. One of the best features of the Google Camera App.
  • Stabilization: This feature allows you to record videos even with your hand shaking. The quality of the video will be stable.
  • Blur: You can blur the background. Use this feature to blur out unwanted objects from photos.
  • Smartburst support: Click multiple photos in one click. Thus, you can select your favorite pictures from them.

Candy Camera Apk

Candy Camera Apk

If you love clicking selfie then you are going to love the Candy Camera. Here are its unique features:

  • Candy Camera Filters: The filters offer real-time support. Apply filters to the photos while capturing them.
  • Stickers: There is a huge collection of stickers available. Stickers are available for every occasion. The collection is updated frequently.
  • Beauty: Beautify your picture by using the beauty function. You can tool like blush, eyeliner, concealer to create a beautiful picture.
  • Silent Option: You can turn on and off the sound of the camera.
  • College: Create collages using multiple pictures.

Sweet Selfie Camera Apk

Sweet Selfie Camera Apk

The Sweet Selfie Camera has features much better than the normal camera.

  • Make-up: Apply lipstick, mascara, blush and other makeup products to the photos.
  • Remove Acne: Everybody loves the clear face. With the function, you can remove acne and its marks from your picture. Thus, giving you a clear face look.
  • Whiten Teeth: Change the color of your teeth to white with one tap.
  • Hairstyle: Try different looks by changing hairstyles. Select the one that looks best on you.
  • Share: With just one click, you can share your pictures with anyone.
  • Filters: Change the filter of the picture. Select from a variety of interesting options.

Snapseed Apk

Snapseed apk

The Snapseed App offers interesting photo editing options. List of some of them is given below:

  • Double Exposure: Select two images and blend them using the double exposure feature. Thus, creating a unique and different picture.
  • Doomsday: Use the feature to add drama to the photos.
  • Tonal Contrast: Boost the highlights, tones, and shadows selectively.
  • Face Enhancing: With this function, you can smoothen the skin or add specific lighting to the face in the image.
  • HDR Scape: Uses multiple exposures to give a stunning look to the image.

Final Verdict

So these were the best camera apps for iPhone. You can select the one you found more interesting. Every camera app has unique additional feature. Click the most interesting and amazing pictures with these apps. The editing features of these apps will change the complete look of the pictures.


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